I forage for outstanding ready-made foods, condiments and baked goods that make me feel like I’m Martha Stewart or Meryl Streep.

I am going to put croissants in that category. Here are some snapshots of laminated dough we made in culinary school…what will become croissants or in this case, pastries.  The layering, folding, resting of pounds of butter yield amazing results.  But seriously, unless I’m working in a bakeshop or there’s a snow storm on,  it’s not going to happen at home.

Enter Trader Joe’s Mini Croissants and Chocolate Croissants.  They are that good.  The hardest part is remembering to take them out  from the freezer and lay them on a baking tray to “proof”  overnight.  In the morning these mini crescents more than double in size and are ready for a light brush of a beaten egg and a quick turn in the oven.    Such big breakfast pleasure…hot buttery croissants  out of my little apartment oven.



.Here are some snaps from culinary school as we made laminated dough.  Dig the amount of butter it takes.

IMG00856 20100913 0932

IMG00858 20100913 0933


IMG00861 20100913 0934

IMG00862 20100913 0934

IMG00863 20100913 0935

IMG00864 20100913 0935


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