I am passionate about inspiring home cooks to tuck away the takeout menus and take back their kitchens.  I love a good recipe that works and I love sharing the truly useful tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way cooking for my family and in my world as a culinary professional.     I respect your time and your desire as well as mine to please others.  This is the place where I share delicious stuff I make so that you can too.   I’ve called it “The Home Artist” because I believe that’s what we are…’artists.’   We seek, we cook,  we imagine, we craft and create authentic homes, authentic lives  with good food,  good times and pretty things.

With 15 years experience as network  TV producer and development executive I just couldn’t hold back my passion for food any longer.   I honed the art and science of recipe writing and testing while working in the Los Angeles Times food section test kitchen,  attended culinary school,  apprenticed in a few amazing LA restaurants  and now work as a culinary producer,  writer, food stylist, caterer and cooking instructor.

My style if I had to peg it would be global comfort food….Asian, Eastern European, Italian…pretty much what I ate growing up in New Jersey and was exposed to with parents who loved food.   My inspirations are from memories of meals with friends and family,  foods I’ve tasted with my eyes in a cookbook or a magazine,   and my travels.   I’m so glad you are here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dana @ FoodieGoesHealthy.com says:

    It was wonderful to talk to you last night. I enjoyed your Shepard’s Pie– I hope you’ll be posting the recipe. I love your photography on your blog. I’m going to try your matzo centerpiece idea this year for Passover. I hope you make it to Campblog Away this year. Best, Dana

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